Per month

One 1 hour session per week over 4 weeks. That is £15 per person per hour. Package includes nutritional advice, monthly progress reports, a dedicated Personal Trainer, boxing skills training and high intensity Tabatha routines (HIIT). You will be taught how to box the pads over 5 rounds. The rounds will also cover cardio, core, legs and combos in addition to learning boxing techniques both attack and defence. A speed & coordination round, use of an agility ladder for footwork, use of precision boxing sticks for speed and accuracy and a medicine ball for core exercises are all included in the package. This package is ideal for people short on time who still however want to maintain or improve their health and fitness. Two (£160 pm) or three (£240 pm) dual sessions per week, per month can also be arranged, please just ask for details if you and a friend or partner are interested.

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