Fitness videos & programs

Fitness videos & programs


Fitness videos accompanied with exercise programs produced by me for only £3 each, excellent offer! Buy two a week for only £5. Free sample available on request. The fitness videos include exercise routines over a number of rounds including shadow boxing, leg exercises, core and cardio routines. Strength training such as press ups, squats etc are also included. In addition boxing techniques and training drills on how to throw punches correctly, stance, footwork, speed etc will be included based on a world renowned boxing for fitness program by the Hatton Boxing Academy. In addition to boxing packages, I also produce HIIT exercise videos and programs such as tabata routines. These routines are short bursts of high intense exercise and great for burning calories. All videos come with music and exercise captions. I also produce tailored fitness programs to suit your goals, whatever they maybe, just let me know. To make a purchase please select 'buy on my Price list or email me at [email protected] On confirmation of purchase I will email you back a link to the video and program. On purchase you will also get access to my YouTube channel. Any questions please message me.

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